11 November, 2010

Sirocco in Portland! and Bellingham!

The Sirocco Research Labs will be in the Pacific Northwest showing our two new short films, Cleo in the Universe and Red Moon (links route you to the teasers). We'll be making stops in Bellingham, Washington and Portland, Oregon, bringing hopefully a little bit of sunshine to the rain capitals of the world. (Incidentally, the Good Dr. Richard Francis was recently in Los Angeles during our rain week in October. He was literally stopping people in the street to make the joke, "Yes, we're from Seattle. Looks like we brought the weather with us." It was beyond amazing.)

Here's the event poster:


Bellingham, WA Nov. 16
Old Main Theater @ WWU
7 PM, Free, Raffle

Portland, OR Nov. 17
The Living Room Theater
7 PM, Free, Raffle

And I'll post again soon about the LA screening and an upcoming Chicago, IL screening!

03 November, 2010


I haven't watched this video in years. But, I stumbled across it a second ago, checked it, and was amazed at this weird-o project Dave, Karl, and I made. I'm also amazed that it's been nearly five years since we made it. I can't even imagine!

What a beautiful time-capsule, though, of being young, cold, and in Yakima, WA for a couple of weeks.