31 July, 2010

I Think Enough Time Has Passed

I'm going through old emails from around a year ago and re-discovered one of my all-time favorites. It's from long-time friend Douglas Sacrison. He wrote it to me during an especially rotten spell. I'll allow his email to put into words the context. At any rate, it's pretty genius.


Well, I hope things are going alright. As I sit here typing this, I'm wondering to myself about whether I should play dumb and pretend I didn't hear any news from Nick about how your first night in Australia went, or if I should not beat around the bush. I suppose I'll go with the latter, and dearly hope you are feeling better. I'm not sure how things are going now, since my brief discussion with Big Stick took place almost a week ago. I dearly hope that someday, perhaps not right now, but someday you can see how comical it sounds to fly all the way to Australia to be given the ax by a German. I'm sorry if this is insensitive of me; it's meant to be the converse of such.


Word for word, pound for pound, I'd pit Doug against any literary figure.

Fighting the good fight.

Thanks, Doug.

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Karl Peterson said...

This made me smile, and laugh. Thank you Jimmy, and thank you Doug.