31 July, 2010

I Think Enough Time Has Passed

I'm going through old emails from around a year ago and re-discovered one of my all-time favorites. It's from long-time friend Douglas Sacrison. He wrote it to me during an especially rotten spell. I'll allow his email to put into words the context. At any rate, it's pretty genius.


Well, I hope things are going alright. As I sit here typing this, I'm wondering to myself about whether I should play dumb and pretend I didn't hear any news from Nick about how your first night in Australia went, or if I should not beat around the bush. I suppose I'll go with the latter, and dearly hope you are feeling better. I'm not sure how things are going now, since my brief discussion with Big Stick took place almost a week ago. I dearly hope that someday, perhaps not right now, but someday you can see how comical it sounds to fly all the way to Australia to be given the ax by a German. I'm sorry if this is insensitive of me; it's meant to be the converse of such.


Word for word, pound for pound, I'd pit Doug against any literary figure.

Fighting the good fight.

Thanks, Doug.

25 July, 2010


Los Angeles really smiled down on my today. I was at Renegade Craft Fair with ReForm School, helping people build and color kites. Here's the one I made and drew on for myself:

Outer space is not outside you.

It was a nice reminder things can float in mid-air.

20 July, 2010

Can You Believe Summer Exists?

I feel like it should be April still. What happened to May? And June ended already? And now the calendar is taking a deep breath, about to say "August?" Forget about it! 2010 is the year of the Time Warp. The year walks the fine line between discouraging and being absolutely the most brilliant exciting period of existence on record.

I've spent pretty much all my time pitted against the grinding stone. There were some exceptions, like a work-vacation in Big Sur:

A meadow, Big Sur, CA

And a whirlwind tour through the Northwest:

Martin and David, Portland, OR

But all and all, I have been building. Which is the most satisfying part of living in a Time Warp. When you start, you're somewhere (like April), and then when you come back to, you're somewhere else entirely (like late July). And while it might feel like time just disappeared, you have all these tangible things hanging out that weren't there before. Like three new videos for Flaunt.com. Expect them to go live within the next several weeks. In the mean time, here are some stills from the vidz.

Still from Ariel Pink for Flaunt TV

Still of Vincent Kartheiser in Coaxial Vanguard for Flaunt TV

Still from Kat Dennings for Flaunt TV

I'm excited about them, Flaunt's excited about them, and I'm looking forward to having people look at them. In the mean time, here's a video I made for Flaunt last March (the previous Time Warp).

I have one more week to push hard through, then I am going to take a quick little LA vacation and see what my friends have been up to.

18 July, 2010

it feels good to be back

I was a big time user of Microsoft paint when I was growing up. But, coming-of-age meant switching to an Apple computer. While it gave me Final Cut Pro and other okay programs, I was still robbed of my original computer-based creative outlet. No more promo-posters for one-act plays that only close friends and family ever read --

The ExtraOrdinary Day of Monsieur Panda, 2005

-- Until today. My 4 year hiatus of bold lines and colors ended with one google search engine search.

Man in Glasses, 2010

While drawing this guy, "Man in Glasses," I realized that the paint program is the only time in my life I get to be creative with my right hand. Because I grew up sans a left handed mouse, I had to do all of my illustrations with my opposite hand. It's actually rather freeing.

16 July, 2010

Let's Explore Making Art

Now that the Sirocco Research Labs' website has come to life, I'll be posting over there with my Sirocco-based ideas (which should be often). With that said, I'm still planning on keeping this blog active and moving forward. But, if you like this blog, I think you'll love Sirocco's. It has a pretty amazing cast of contributors.

The website is gorgeously designed by Lab member Karl Peterson (also of sidearm design).

And, in case you didn't hear about it, Sirocco got featured in the Chicago-based, art-and-culture journal Jettison Quarterly. It's real honor to be included. They're fantastic people, and have a gorgeous periodical. Here are some images from the edition, but you should really read the whole thing from cover to cover.

The LA Labs: Kelly, Jaro, Adi, me!, and Martin

The Portland Labs: Ben and Katie

The future seems to become more exciting by the day. Which, incidentally (segue), is the topic of Sirocco's inaugural podcast that just went live today over at the site. The cast is called "Let's Explore." Each episode features two Lab members exploring a topic. The first is between Adi Goodrich and myself, and the topic is Making Art. Adi is, by the way, potentially my creative-soul mate. She designs all of Sirocco's sets and produces volumes of incredibly intricate, beautiful, hand crafted work on her own as well. I have learned tons about the creative process from being in proximity to her. I can't tell you how lucky I am to have her to work alongside. Check it out here!

Kelly took this picture

Hey! Did you see this yet??!

RED MOON teaser from Sirocco Research Labs on Vimeo.