28 June, 2010


Something about the city of LA makes me want to make cake for my friends. Here's a sample tray covering the past however-many-months I've lived in this weird-o city. I hope you have a tarp to lay over your keyboard! (hint: because you'll be drooling!)

The Crumple Cake

1. This was for Adi's birthday. It was my first attempt, and looks-wise, it didn't go that well. Meanwhile, the taste was second to none. If I remember correct, it crumpled because I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil. You just wouldn't believe, though, how moist this guy was. The white frosting icing somehow reads, "Happy Birthday." Also, as a quick aside, the night we ate this cake, some Hollywood-types were over, talking about which club they should head to, and I asked them if they had ever been to Planet Hollywood. They hadn't, as it turned out.

Jaro's Home Cake

2. Jaro spent some time in Russia over Christmas. When he got home, I greeted him with this. It's a good looking cake, I think. If you're wondering how I went from the crumpler with chicken scratch for frosting to this guy, there were three cakes in between that went undocumented. One was for Kelly's birthday. I decorated it by drawing the K Records logo on it with frosting. The other two were made when Ben and Katie visited for the first time in October. Two cakes, you're probably thinking, is a bit decadent for one week, right? Not when you stay up until 4 every night watching Are You Afraid of the Dark?, it's not.

Annie Hicock's Birthday Cake

3. This cake was made during the second round of shooting Red Moon. I remember it was the night we shot Katie and Ben had their kissing/mauling moments. It was a chocolate cake, and I dyed the cream cheese frosting pink. I ate so much of this cake. You wouldn't even believe.

Bievenue à California

4. I made this cake for Andrej Savol and his girlfriend when they visited us earlier this year. It's fun-fetti frosting dyed yellow, and the cake inside was dyed the same blue as the icing. My hope when I started the icing was to be able to write "Bievenu
e à California!" on the cake. But, I realized rather quick there wouldn't be enough room. I improvised by drawing the state of California and writing, "SUNNY" beneath it. I am pretty sure I got my point across.

U R ART on top of M for Martin

5. I made this cake tonight for my friend Martin. It's his birthday tomorrow. So far there are not too many anecdotes to accompany this guy, except the possibility that he could potentially see this cake before his party if he reads this blog post by then. It's lemon frosting, marshmallows forming an M, with pink icing on the outside, and carrot cake + pine apple chunks on the inside. Though it's hard to decipher in the picture, it says U R ART in icing at a diagonal. I'm pretty sure it's going to taste weird, but with any luck, it will taste good anyway.

16 June, 2010


"He was a very old man, a former seaman who still had the waterproof jacket of his trade, the cap and pipe, and a skin scorched by the salts of the world. In his free hours he would play bowls in the square with veterans of several lost wars, and drink apertifs with tourists in the taverns along the beach, for with his artillery man's Catalan he had the virtue of making himself understood in any language. He prided himself on knowing all the ports of the planet, but no inland city. "Not even Paris, France, as famous as it is," he would say. For he had no faith in any vehicle that did not sail... That day, as he secured the doors and windows in anticipation of the disaster, he spoke to us of the tramontana as if it were a hateful woman, but one without whom his life would lose its meaning."

-- From "Tramontana," by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I've never read such vivid nostalgia before. It's like he wrote in super 8mm.

There's a growing trend around my apartment where I keep stacks of books everywhere I might need inspiration. It's proving to be rather remarkable. Some books next to the couch, some books on a shelf, some books on my desk, some books in the bathroom, some books in the submarine. Typically books I've underlined my way through, but sometimes also books that just have nice pictures. This way while I'm working, if I get frustrated or discouraged, there's always a memorable passage or moment within arm's reach waiting to remind me that creating is worth the struggle.


13 June, 2010


sous-marine avec volcan

la lune et la mar