20 April, 2010

April Exists! Right Now!

There's a film where a clown remarks, "Like the old Muslim proverb says: Never quit three minutes before the miracle." If my heart has been beating anything lately, it's to not stop.

From the get-go, it was obvious if you were to blink in 2010, it would already be 2011. I only know March happened with genuine certainty because I have these things I can hold in my hand to prove I was moving as fast as I could move, making as much as I could make. Otherwise, the month was a time machine, and I just showed up in April somehow. My only real memory of hanging was the night Martin showed up carrying a parcel mailed from his Grandma, opening it, and discovering a fog machine inside. And even then, this photo could just be residual time machine relic:

Martin in the thick of the fog.

But, there are these artifacts laying around proving to me that March happened like all other months. Most of the proof lies in two new reoccurring gigs that have given me the most incredible opportunities to explore my imagination. The first is with Flaunt magazine, where I'm heading up several projects for the Flaunt TV portion of their website. My first assignment was to make a video to run concurrent with April's print editorial for the MCM Carried Away in LA insert. I believe it's going up on the site sometime this week or early next, and I'll post it here once it does. I couldn't be more happy about how it turned out. In the mean time, here's a couple of stills from the vid:

Meanwhile, on quite the opposite end of the Los Angeles-based spectrum, I've started doing displays for Reform School in Silver Lake. My first display is currently up and running. One motif Tootie and Billie, the store's delightful and perfect owners, and I have decided to wander through is childhood memory. Sort of in line with Spring and Baseball Seasons starting, the current display is a representation of Tootie's memory of believing Big Foots were living in the Elysian Hills surrounding Dodger's Stadium. With that, I constructed a scene where a gaggle of Sasquatches are parachuting through the clouds, down into the hills, into a little neighborhood. The airplane carries a banner that says, "This is the best day in my entire life!"

Here are some iphone pictures of the construction process, and very soon I'll post high resolution photos of the display assembled and looking quite charming.

I constructed amass of Big Foots from clay:

I built hills from green fabric and cardboard and paint:

Tootie put together some beautiful, full clouds:

Little homes were built from milk cartons:

And now it's the middle of April, and it feels great. It really, really does.

05 April, 2010

Friday Afternoon, Los Angeles, CA

I took this picture with Kelly's camera. The girl just happened to be walking by, just like that, and was nice enough to say yes to my, "Hey, do you mind posing for a picture?"

Afterwords we just stood their, jaws agog at spring time in Los Angeles. Yellow for as far as I could see.