24 March, 2010


Someday, we'll plot who we'll haunt.
And darling, it won't be each other.

17 March, 2010

SRL P.S.A. 1: Wheelchairs Are the Best

Every quarter the Sirocco Research Labs plans on taking a topic close to our hearts and educate the general public with our moving images. The inaugural topic is that wheelchairs are definitely not sad.

SRL P.S.A. 1 from Sirocco Research Labs on Vimeo.

Stay tuned.

15 March, 2010

What a Time For It, Spring

Tonight, it seemed, there was an unusually long dusk. I was out riding my bicycle through my neighborhood, and it was just reflecting orange and purple from every direction. The buildings were screaming it back to me, and it had the most invigorating affect. I felt like I was floating entirely. What's more, it was so warm being above the pavement. And I was the only person on the street in both directions of traffic. I was weaving through the yellow line like I was in a quiet suburb rather than in the downtown of the second largest city in America. There absolutely wasn't a worry in my head, and my heart was beating so well.

The notebook I keep in my back pocket somehow got scooted out of there on an up-peddle and fell to the street. I felt it happen, fortunately. I turned around and scooped it up, and saw that a list from earlier this month had fallen out. The list was titled in a friend's handwriting, "JIMMY LIST," and it noted all the things I needed to pick up on a particular errand run, as well as encapsulate existing in 2010 rather perfectly.

Here's the list:

I folded the list up, tucked it away, and could not stop laughing as I rode my bike through the seemingly abandoned booming metropolis.

03 March, 2010


Today, March 3rd, marks the first day of the last Red Moon shoot. By the end of the weekend the only thing left to shoot will be miniatures of submarines, periscopes, volcanoes, moons, and clouds. I don't know how we did it. But we have. Our crew is going to be smaller than usual, as Katie, Ben, and Doug will all be manning their posts in the Northwest Labs this weekend. And even though we haven't even shot a single frame, and call time isn't even until 8:30 tonight, I already miss their on-set presence sorely. It's a bit like the last day of summer camp when everyone goes home and you're the last person at camp and you realize it was the people, not the place that was so special.

All the same, over the past little while Adi and I have been building sets for the upcoming shots. It's my favorite part of pre-production, always. Below is a picture of some ghosts building the Czar's room. Below that is a portrait of Captain Ovechkin hanging in the narrator's office (in the process of construction).

It's been a wild ride. I remember last year at this time when Red Moon just looked like this:

Preliminary sketch, March 2009

What a time for it.