25 October, 2009


In August my friends and I shot a short film titled Cleo in the Universe. It's a movie* about confronting the infinite with the intimate. The picture was shot at our labs in Yakima, Washington over the course of one intense, heat-drenched 24-hour period. However, during the transfer from super 8 film to digital, fate revealed some of the shots we thought we had nailed were never actually burned onto celluloid. After a real quick nervous breakdown and recovery, my cinematographer and roommate Jaro suggested instead of trying to edit the film around the missing footage, we build new sets here in Los Angeles at the Sirocco Research Labs and fly our star Katie Reardon in for some re-shoots.

While the August production was both dramatically and unreasonably rushed (totaling one week from the purchasing of the set's lumber and paint to calling wrap and everyone driving home), this go-around was much more leisure and enjoyable. The movie set was constructed in my kitchen, for example, rather than a 100+ degree warehouse without ventilation or local lighting. The labor process proved to be much more cathartic as well; the geometric patterns broke down several creative-blocks I have been experiencing with Red Moon's set design (specifically the blue-line geometries in the pictures below). What's more, the construction of the set truly broke in the Labs here in LA, and I feel more at home than ever. The creative community I've stumbled into in southern California is a sincerely wonderful group.

Here is a series of pictures documenting the new set's fabrication beginning last Sunday through the shooting late last night.

We shot until 4 in the morning, and sat on the kitchen floor drinking wine until 5. Several hours later we woke up and went swimming in the ocean.

*moving picture.

18 October, 2009


There's been a lot of on-goings in the hang zone in the past month. For starters, I'm now the host of a hit new TV talk show called "The Jazz Hour with Jimmy Marble." It's a talk show where I interview my friends and discuss their forthcoming jazz albums. So far two episodes are "in the can," (look how industry I've become!) and are waiting on editing. Once the first five episodes are shot I'll put them all together at once and release the first season.

In a different pursuit all together, last spring I became interested in making and designing wallpapers done in the style of my water color comics. My idea was to start developing a portfolio over this past summer, but in large thanks to an overwhelming schedule, I wasn't able to. But, now that I'm in sun-drenched, care-free Los Angeles, California, I am finally giving it a shot. To buffer my sometimes-too-big ambitions, my first go at wall paper design is in the form of a dressing screen. It is a four-2x6' panel, accordion-style folding screen. Here's a video of Martin and me making the frame:

The actual screen is a cityscape on the edge of a river. In the river is a whale. And above the city in the sky is series of clouds with an airplane flying a large banner across the Welkin saying, "ça ne tire pas à conséquence." I'm maybe halfway done with the water coloring, and I'm excited about it. I think the screen's going to look pretty cool.

Last August, at the Yakima, Washington branch of the Sirocco Research Labs, some of my closest friends and I shot a short film titled Cleo in the Universe. Unfortunately when it came time to start editing the project we realized there were a few scenes in need of re-shooting. Fortunatel
y, my friends Adi and Martin are currently en route to the Hang Zone for a slumber party. We're going to watch an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark, shut our eyes, wake up in the morning, make some coffee, and start building movie sets. Then, Tuesday evening Ben Sellon and Katie Reardon are showing up with a muppet-style puppet and spacesuit in tow ready to re-shoot a motion picture.

(Concerning the Cleo shoot, I realize I haven't written anything about the production and the shooting of the movie. But, I'm waiting for the trailer to be cut first, and I definitely thought come mid-October it'd be finished. Once these re-shoots are out of the way, I'll for sure write a post explaining the short film and the Sirocco Research Lab-in-general.)

In the meantime, here are some stills from the super 8mm footage:

Cleo and Lt. Baby Baby in heart-felt conversation.

Duke Jupiter waiting for Cleo on the Moon.