11 September, 2009

Let's go, okay?

Last year right now Chad Robertson and I were putting the final editing touches on a documentary about meditation and education in a small village in northern India. I was meanwhile packing my bags for what I was expecting to be a four month stay in Paris, France. But, the four months turned into nine, and my 23rd year revealed itself to be filled with by far the most fascinating and exciting days of my life.

Today, some 365 days later, I'm starting over again. Which is nice. Sometimes getting into a car filled with books and shoes, a bicycle, and an old lamp is the only way to set things right.

Next stop: Los Angeles, CA.

There's no time-line, which terrifies me. But, that's fine. I typically try harder when I'm scared; it's why courage exists. Plus, like Ben Sellon explained to me over the telephone last night, my future is wide open, and all I have to do to move forward is what I love: Write things, make things, and meet people. How can the future not be nice? We make it!

I hope the sun melts my heart. You know what I mean?

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nicole gelb said...

you know what they say jimmy:

there is no path.

walking makes the path.