18 July, 2009

12 July, 2009

Where I've Been

You know the Kings of Convenience song, "I'd Rather Dance With You," with the fantastic verse, "Even if I could hear what you say/ I doubt my reply would be interesting for you to hear/ Because I haven't read a single book all year/ And the only film I saw, I didn't like it at all"?

It more or less sums up why I haven't written an entry in the past month. The truth is, unless I'm going to work (another bag of beans all together), it seems as though I only leave my bedroom for my German lessons, dinner with my family, or a Bellingham weekend. Or, on the occasion when someone with a delightfully sweet heart prays hard enough, I'll sometimes show up in an explosion on the other side of the world.

My joys have all been too intimate to share in such a public venue, and my day-to-day much too flat. But, in the next few weeks I'll try to muster energy up to write blogs explaining some of the art projects I've been working on, my August plans, and why I've decided to put graduate school on the back burner for now.

I maintain that the future is categorically exciting, and if a phrase were to be stitched into my heart by this summer, it would undoubtedly be: Ad astra per aspera.