30 April, 2009

catching up

Though it's insanely beyond me how time has gotten here, I'm somehow expected back in the United States of America in less than one month. I can't imagine packing up my little apartment with its rooftop views and sky, taking down the comics from my walls, let alone saying goodbye to the spiral of Parisian friendships. The month of April has been lifted from Hemingway's imagination with late night wanderings (scrawled into my notebook: I'm walking through Paris holding onto a gym bag: Tuileries is closed, the metro is closed, and even the Eiffel Tower is turned off asleep. How can I be walking by the Louvre right now?), days where I'd sit and write for hours and hours, as if I were writing to save my life (which can't be too far from the truth), and naturally the nights, and sometimes afternoons, of endless Cloud Berry. My brother visited. I've met people. I can walk from the Arc de Triumph to Rue de Pyrenees with my eyes closed shut. April has been the month where life in Paris felt like I was living in Paris. I cracked wise with a Taxi Cab driver en francais.

I started a new blog specifically for my comics: Deuce-Love. Why call it deuce-love? Because it doesn't make sense while sounding somehow familiar, a characteristic I'm interested in pursuing with all my creative projects from here out: There and not there all at once.

In May I plan on going swimming in Nice, row-boating at Versailles, and sneaking into the Opera. I'm going to finish reading Wuthering Heights and All the King's Horses and finally knock out Intimacy, too. I need to start writing the script for the movie Jessica Tracey and I are starring in this summer. So far all I have is the line, "How can we believe in poetry? We've put a man on the moon. Robots said everything we'd ever want to..." Working title: A Light-Hearted War.

Two weeks ago I had a dream where the Beatles got back together. What's more, they asked me to write a song for them to perform. Later in the morning I made a girl smile on the metro. I was an inch away from asking her to marry me. I think she would have said yes. We'd have been gorgeous.

PS: Thanks to everyone for patting me on my back about San Francisco; I think you're all great, too. We did this together, you know.

07 April, 2009


I got a letter in the mail today informing me I have been accepted to San Francisco State University to study for a Masters of Fine Arts in cinema beginning in the fall of 2009.

It's strange, but I cannot help but feel as though I've been preparing for this moment my whole life...

If you happen to be in Paris, let's get a glass of champagne, no?

01 April, 2009


Over the past few weeks I've been recording my debut EP under the name SEAWIND. It'll probably drop sometime in the beginning of May. The concept album is titled "SECRET SONGS." It's a collection of five songs done in the genre of secret music found at the end of albums, typically minutes after the presumed last song. Last night I recorded what I can only assume will be the EP's memorable hit single, "Ghost Friends."

This will probably be the album art:
With SEAWIND in big white type across the top.