26 April, 2008

new trailer

here's the trailer to all the super 8 footage ben and i shot last summer during our gallivanting. expect the documentary soon. but if this little teaser is any indication: it will be gorgeous.

25 April, 2008

when it's good, it's marvelous

I can't stop missing Sarajevo. The thought of submitting Nate and Natalie to the Sarajevo Film Festival crossed my mind tonight. I was immediately intoxicated with the idea of the warm Sarajevo sun, sudden rain showers, and hurling through the streets in the back of an nondescript taxi cab -- only knowing where I was going by name. I wanted to visit Ibraham's barber shop and spend the afternoon wandering through back allies; during the night, share a drink with nice people from countries I only know through movies.

In Sarajevo I had a bed, and cigarettes were practically free.

Here is how a week can be summed up visually:



21 April, 2008

uninvented inventions: pt. 1

The Brits implanted the first ever bionic eye today. Installed into the eye sockets of a blind individual, a small video camera transmits the external world for the individual. You can read more here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/health/article3790683.ece

However, what gets me excited, is that we are one step closer to my favorite uninvented invention: The Dream Recorder. If we can, starting now, input directly in into our minds, it seems to follow that someday we'll be able to record as output as well. There will then be no need for a special effects cinema, because the new recorded images will be outside reality all together. (It's more than probable to assume no two dimensional screen or projected surface will be able to exhibit our dreams, instead they will have to be shared as a media file inputted directly into our bionic bodies, allowing for a more haptic adventure -- a radical break from our notion of art as a gaze-based experience. Indeed, for the first time we will truly be able to understand what it means to share an idea.) The surrealist dream of yesterday will be tomorrow's vision. No longer will movies be made by those few with millions of dollars, as well as a team of technicians, and months and months and months -- instead they'll be fashioned freshly every night with minimal effort: sometimes strange and mysterious, other times alluring and tantalizing, but always with the sublimity of life without reason.

20 April, 2008

huge revalation

I cannot imagine making a movie where my characters don't travel into outer space at least once.

16 April, 2008

it should be a good spring

why should it be a good spring? well, if for no other reason, this is my current desk top background:


That's good enough to make every day a special one.

Oh, and incidentally, I've noticed I have terrible circulation, and my hands and feet are always cold. More so my feet than hands. Does anyone have any tips (whether they be dietary, or whatever) as to how I should go about improving the amount of blood my feet get? The other night I had on a pair of wool socks and slippers, but my feet remained so cold it was impossible for me to fall asleep -- I had to take a footbath at 2:30 in the morning just to heat them up.


09 April, 2008

some magical halloween

one day i'd like to be in love with a nice girl. with her i'd like to spend some dreamy halloween in one of those great big, cold, east coast cities getting lost throughout the spooky twilight. most importantly, my beau and i, and this is what's imperative, will be dressed as the figures in Van Eyck's Arnolfini Wedding Portrait.


08 April, 2008

because sometimes you need a little mike gravel

[Former democratic and now] Libertarian presidential candidate Mike Gravel:

Mike Gravel is a casualty of heretical punishment by the political and media overlords. I remember watching a Democratic debate last spring, and he said one of the more profound statements of the night: If you want to get our troops out of Iraq, do you know how you do it? He said, you make it illegal to have troops over there. This way, we would be able to end the war, and put our president in jail.


Power to the people, indeed.

03 April, 2008

pet peeves, revisited

  • When movie previews on TV say things like, "From the guy who brought you..."

01 April, 2008

black is white, left is right, etc

I just had the most daunting revelation of maybe my entire life:

Since I was a boy I have enjoyed blowing spit bubbles as a past time. I still do. It dawned on me, just now, that my spit bubbles have grown in proportion with the size of my body, presumably in a perfect growth ratio. If I keep growing, my bubbles will keep growing. Unfortunately, this is seemingly out of the question.

But, just think: If my growth never let up, eventually I would blow a spit bubble that could encompass the entire globe, protecting it like an embryo in the womb.