04 March, 2008

mozilla my dreams

i should point out this whole thing happened becasue i went to bed thirsty.

i was having a normal night of dreams -- moving seamlessly from one dream to the next -- changing locations, supporting characters, desires, everything. basically, a typical night's sleep. however, in my sleep last night i was terribly thirsty, and it started to have an effect on my dreams. my dream me became desperate for some water. my thirst essentially became a very cool vehicle for a very interesting imagination device:

my dreams became tabbed a la mozilla firefox internet browser. my dream me started to browse through previous dreams to find some water. i would click on the tab, enter that reality, and explore the scenery to see if i could find some water. if i didn't find any water to quench my thirst (which i never did), i would click on the tab's "x," and that world would disappear and i'd select a new scape to explore.

anyway, eventually i just woke up and got some water. but i was pleased with my unconscious thought process.

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