29 January, 2008


i'm in love with this Roland Barthes' quote i found in his introduction to his Mythologies:

What I claim is to live the full contradiction of my time, which may well make sarcasm the condition of truth.

19 January, 2008

hot new vidz

so i've been making a few things to pass the time. here are links to three videos i've posted on youtube. one of them is called The Bellinghome Funshine Hour, and it's a kids show i made for my nephews for christmas. it's a fun time, to be sure. the other two videos fall under the category of what i'm calling "the sirocco research videos." they're just small video projects of no great consequence. one has me and dave and it's called "rapport/concern," and the other stars dave and stef and it's called, "bagels/snafu."

here they are! they're all made for friends!

i hope you have a nice time watching them.

12 January, 2008

i found this in my journal from last summer

this summer i was interested in writing couplets. here are a few i found:

paris is a city made of ghosts
it does not exist, it only floats.

if a dead fish ever fell like a feather
this is how the rain drizzled.

06 January, 2008

real life dreams

last night in my dreams i dreamed i was married. recently married at that. in fact, i was so recently married my wife and i hadn't even signed our marriage certificates. i remember quite distinctly while i was climbing into bed with my new wife thinking, "Okay, i haven't signed anything yet. so if this bums me out i can still somehow get out of this."

and so it has happened in 2008: i'm even afraid of commitment in my dreams.

also, I think 2008 is my favorite year yet. i am just having the best time this year. i'll blog about it soon.

05 January, 2008

2008: Year of the Dream

Last night I had this really strange dream(s). I was taking part in a 48 hour film festival that my parent's church in Yakima was putting on. There were rumors circulating that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a member of the church, so I spent most of my time trying to track him down to see if he'd want to appear in my picture. On my journey to find P.S.H., I ran into this girl that I had a crush on in high school. We were sitting in some room in the church together, and we started sitting close with one another, then we got a little hanky-panky. She asked me in classic girl form, "Does this mean that we're, like... together...?" To which I replied (in classic me form), "Absolutely not." My journey continued and it was revealed that I was going to make a Jimmy Hoffa bio-pic for my 48 hour film. I got even more frantic because I don't actually know that much about Jimmy Hoffa, and it became apparent that I was desperately lost inside the church. I kept stumbling into rooms that were dilapidated and that kept going on and on and on like a fractal.

Eventually I found my way out, I guess. Or woke up. Or a new dream started.

Favorite quote so far of 2008:

"A long time ago people didn't watch television. But they still liked to look at interesting pictures."
-Mr. Rogers