29 September, 2007

i did it

last night i dreamed i was at a halloween party, and everyone there was involved in making a movie but me. i just kept eating brownies while everyone around me was doing all these things. it was a really fun dream. a lot of friends made cameos.

plus i slept in to about 10:50, which is my new P.R. since i've been home.

26 September, 2007

i still can't sleep in past ten.

i live in bellingham, washington.

i'm knee-deep into a new art project. or rather, a series of art projects.

i woke up yesterday morning with a cold that is bumming me out. i can't breath well, my ears keep popping, and my throat is on fire.

i am going to start in on a novel within the next few days. imagine that. so far it's called "Saint Sophie."

things are nice.

19 September, 2007


i'm not going to beat around the bush, here. i got glasses yesterday. the doctor says i'm near sided and i have an astigmatism. astigmatism means my eyes are deformed.

here's a diagram that will help illuminate:
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so i'm two parts mutant now: 1. i'm a damned-dirty-four-eyed freak, and 2. i don't have properly shaped eyeballs, which i hope doesn't lead to even worse eyesight down the road.

but it really does feel great being able to see properly now. after i got my glasses yesterday i did a lot of looking at things before and after. there were a number of signs that had small words printed onto them that i've always thought there were just underlinings for larger words.


16 September, 2007

what it's like to be home

dear diary,

life in america is great! practically all my friends are here! i mean, not like here here, but you know-- here!!! yakima is the best. i mean, not like the best the best, but really great all the same. i've got to spend time with people like my mom and dad and brother andy and sister libby and brother-in-law alex. plus my two nephews henry and charlie. and charlie was just born and he's still just a baby, and he has down syndrome and he's probably the greatest, most beautiful child. like, beautiful beautiful. you know?

i've gotten a new pair of paints since i got here. they fit around my legs really well. i went to a wedding and saw two nice young people enter into holy matrimony. then i got pissed with my brother at the after party (not like mad mad, but like drunk drunk).

but diary, i'm a little nervous. i mean, i have this reputation for like being able to sleep in really long, into the afternoon and stuff. but ever since i've gotten home -- i just can't. i can't do it. i can't sleep in past 8:30. look at me!!! i'm blogging at 8:21 am! this isn't me, blog! i swore i'd never be like this! what makes matters worse -- david and karl are coming to yakima tonight, and they're sleeping over, diary. they're sleeping over. i can't have them see me like this. what are they going to say?

what are they going to say?


13 September, 2007

what a difference a day makes

i'm home in yakima, washington in the united states of america. i got back last night. yesterday was a full 24 hour day for me. it was the type of day where i saw my surroundings change full circle absolutely. for example:

when i woke up i had a beautiful irish girl in my arms in dublin, ireland

and when i fell asleep i was alone in my parents house in yakima. what a time for it, right?

there are nearly a million things for me to be writing about right now in this here online journal. i don't really know which one to choose. i was a stowaway on a trainride from milan to paris in the luggage compartment. that's a life goal met. i was homeless for a night in venice. i thought i had lyme disease for a while. when i got back into paris it actually felt like i was home. i flew into america and the first poster i saw was for lockheed martin with a big american flag and bald eagle on it, and got super bummed. and so on and so forth.

but what it all really boils down to is i can hear my nephews voice calling from the other room, and i haven't seen him in months.


06 September, 2007

i'm in venice

so it's been a while. we should ge re-aquainted. my name is jimmy. this is a blog. i think blog means b

so i'm in venice!!!!!!! easily the most posh destination ben and i have on our traveling maps. in fact, so posh, and so expensive, ben and i are staying at a campsite about 35 minutes outside of venice right near the airport. in a tent. for the real though. it's pretty fun. i can say, "ohhh, it feels like we're camping," and it's actually true --- because we really are camping, in venice, italy!

that's the tops, right?

i left my last blog on a little bit of a cliff hanger -- why did i get free fruit? because some super macho-dudes from the balkans were razzing me for my sailing hat and short swim suit (to be fair it is pink...). so like i was saying they were razzing me, calling me gay in serbian, and giving me whole melons and bananas -- all to impress their gorgeous girlfriends. well, they may have gotten some good yucks, but i got free nutrients. so i'm pretty sure i came out on top in this one. sorry dudes. take your muscles and girlfriends and sit on'em.

homie's got vitamens.

since then i've been in split and pula (both in croatia). in split it was super sunny and super beautiful and i swam a bunch and dove off of rocks into the sea. then ben and i romped around town taking pictures of ourselves interacting with graffiti. what a night. i think i am going to try and get a grant to go to mexico and develop this synthesis between urban graffiti iconography with mexico's catholic iconography. if i could get a grant ---

now we go to paris tonight for a few days. then i spend some time in dublin. then i fly back to america. i'll be honest and say i've missed living in a land where i am free.