28 July, 2007

i should've been a sailor

last night in my dream the current American-Iraqi war never took place. But then Iraq attacked America and everyone in America got WAY pissed. Only it wasn't even just an attack, it was an invasion. Iraq was occupying parts of America -- Yakima, Washington being one of them.

(note: this isn't the first time I've had a dream where Yakima's been taken over. Once I dreamed Yakima was a war zone and the warehouse I used to work at during the summer was a concentration camp where I lived and was eventually going to be executed -- how crazy is that?)

Anyway, like I was saying, Iraq had invaded American and Saddam Hussein (still alive!) was in Yakima, believe it or not! He was walking through Chalet by Starbucks with his entourage and I saw him and I ran up to him and said, "Mr. Hussein, I just wanted to thank you -- no, I'm serious-- Mr. Hussein, I just wanted to thank you for your generous hospitality."

Then the dream gets fuzzy for a little while until I join the army. I'm about to be shipped off to war when I went to visit Isabel so I could tell her I had joined the army and say goodbye. So I get to her house, I tell her I had joined the army and she interrupts me and says, "Jimmy, why would you join the army!? You've been taking Naval officer training! If you had just joined the Navy you'd already be an officer!" She went on to explain how I was going to have to go through boot camp and all that business. I got so bummed out.

One striking memory I have from this portion of the dream is what I was wearing. I was wearing this belt of bullets like a sash around my chest. But instead of bullets there were coloring crayons, and I had a paintbrush strapped to my chest.

Anyway, I think the moral of the dream is to always look into big decisions before you make them.

Special thanks to Saddam Hussein for his posthumous surprise guest cameo though. He gets unexpected points. RIP, dude.

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All you'll ever be guilty of in my book was looking far too handsome. Plus the mass murder...

25 July, 2007

and i thought, "hummmmm...."

I went to this old basilica earlier this week called the Saint Denis Basilica. It's one of the oldest religious buildings in France. It was made several decades before Notre Dame. Anyway. I was checking out the architecture and the design-work on the building's facade and I noticed that there were some Pagan symbols. I asked my lecturer (cause I was on a field trip) what the deal was.

She explained to me that in the early days of the Christian Church (as the days of Saint Denis' construction) the Christians were so confident in their religion, faith, salvation, and the power of their god that they often times incorporated Pagan (or other religious) symbols without anxiety as to be more inclusive.

And then I thought about the Christian Church of today and I thought, "Hummmmm...."

Interesting side note about Saint Denis: He was a martyr AND is the patron saint of France. He got his head cut off down in Paris, got up, picked up his head, and walked north through the woods to the village where the basilica in his honor stands now. I wish people still did rad shit like that these days. No one ever walks around headless anymore.

Anyway, when he's depicted in statue form he usually looks like this:
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and you see him all over the place. In France, anyway.

23 July, 2007

manic monday!

the day got off to a fantastic start. i was dreaming that i was at this party back home, and Paul Turpin was there and I was trying to get his attention so I could ask him what his thoughts on the new R. Kelly album were. The Trucks were at the party. All of my friends were at the party. I was having the best time. I was dancing.

then when the day actually started i had three unfortunate realizations:

1. I had forgotten to set my alarm the night before, causing me to oversleep by a half an hour.
2. I felt as though a crab were pinching at my tender inner-throat tissues. I don't have cough-drops or candy or anything, so I just gargled salt water, which I don't think did anything, or is supposed to do anything.
3. It was raining like I couldn't believe.

What a time for it.

But business picked up. In my sociology class I was kind of daydreaming (I'm sick, so I'm a little fatigued...) and all of a sudden I got the giggles because I could absolutely not stop thinking about David Drori's Ronald Reagen impression where he says, "Wellllll...."

Pictured:  David Drori
David looking toward the future.

My giggles and smiles made lecture stop twice (mind you my sociology class is just me and another girl), and they were both really interested in what was so funny -- but I didn't tell them because I found myself in a situation like this once before when I was laughing during SCUBA Diving lessons over a joke about dry-suits that Sean Naman and Doug Sacrison and I had come up with. Well, when the SCUBA class asked me what was so funny I told them, and no one laughed (it was about farting in the dry-suit while you're 100 meters deep, inciting the deadly "squeeze"). Not only did no one find it funny, but they seemed incredibly put off.

Kind of like this guy:
Way, Way, Way Pissed
Stern Man.

So, I didn't explain the Reagen joke for the same reasons.

Anyway, tonight I'm going to go watch Jacques Demy's Les Demoiselles de Rochefort. Supposedly it's really great. How could you resist a film that looks like this?
A New Wave Music?  It happened

17 July, 2007

tres bien

i have discovered a new way to say refreshment, and it is menthe a l'eau.

menthe a l'eu is mint syrup and water in a cup of ice. it looks like this:

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it is juxtaposed next to regular water, i assume, to demonstrate it's superiority over what we all have assumed to be the most basic life-sustaining liquid on earth.

it's impossible to put to words its level of refreshment-- but imagine white linen gently floating in the afternoon breeze over a pasture of white daisies, mixed with vivacious sensation of skinny-dipping in the moonlight -- and then drink it while looking at the most beautiful women you have ever seen in your life pass by in front of you. that's menthe a l'eau. voila.

i'm going to go see Dr. Strangelove tonight. I really think Paris is great.

14 July, 2007

the metro was full of young people tonight laughing, drinking straight from champagne bottles, dancing, and singing back and forth to one another. some were playing rock-paper-scissor with the enthusiasm of six-year-olds.

it made me want to make a list of reasons why joy is important. and i think i'd preface the list with the two above sentences. i have no idea what they were saying, but i don't think joy needs translation.

i thought, "if it all came to an end right now, we'd be alright."

i'm also pretty sure this picture needs no translation:
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13 July, 2007

what a time for it

I've been gone from Bellingham, WA for four weeks and I've been in Paris, France for three weeks. Tomorrow is Bastille Day. Tonight I was hanging out in the square where the Bastille is. I drank white wine and rolled my own cigarettes at a cafe while I watched people light off their fireworks.

I like meeting new people. I have a new friend. Her name is Claire and she reminds me of a character from an old nickelodeon tv show. For example her name is Claire. She has two pet rats back home. She's a math major and wants to teach theoretical concepts at university when she grows up. She's an art minor. She was born in Venezuela. It almost seems too quirky to be real-- which is why she reminds me of a nickelodeon character. It's really funny.

I like meeting new people because you get to tell each other about yourself. When she asked me what I like to do, I told her I like watching movies. And then she asked me what else I did. So I thought about it. And I told her, "Well, I guess I like to laugh a lot." And the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was true. If I could, I think I'd like to laugh for a living.

Anyway. Paris is great. I'm listening to R. Kelly right now, and I can see the Eiffel Tower sparkle in the distance. La bonne vie. (That's supposed to say "The good life." I'm not very good at speaking French yet, so it might be incorrect semantically.)

Paris, France Stats:
Friends: 1
Movies: 6
New waist size: 31
Sunglasses: 1*

*I got a new pair of sunglasses. They look just like Guido's sunglasses for all of you 8 1/2 fans.

O geeze-- one last thing.

We watched this Agnes Varda film for class. And my instructor is this really bright woman, and we had a good discussion on the film after watching it. She told me that my ideas on the film were "very clever." After class, my program coordinator Ludmilla informed us that the next morning my cinema instructor was being interviewed on Paris' premiere intellectual radio station for her views on analytical philosophy.

And she thought I was clever. Yeesh.

08 July, 2007

Franny and Zooey

Paris is a really remarkable place to live. It demands leisure. To live in Paris is to take your time and enjoy things.

This morning I went to the cafe next to my flat to have a coffee and sit in the warm air. I finished Salinger's Franny and Zooey. The ending was transforming; it made me feel very light. I was compelled to re-read the last two pages several times. Franny and Zooey should be amended somewhere into the New Testament.

Today I'll take my lightness to Francois Truffaut's grave where I'll write something that might float, and hopefully it will develop nicely into something. Anything. You know?

Here's an unrelated but funny old picture from bellingham of nick and me:

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04 July, 2007

charmed, pt. 1

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thanks, paris.

03 July, 2007

oh, boy

today i saw maybe the prettiest girl in the whole world.