27 June, 2007

the chezz

I had one of the best dreams the other night.

I was in Bellingham, and I was walking down Potter St. with Josh O'Donnell, and I guess in my dream Josh was on Western's swimming team. Anyway, he was trying to convince me that I should join, because I guess I was super talented at swimming. But I kept telling him no way and that I wasn't into it all. Also, in my dream, I was such a hot shot swimmer that people for some reason referred to me as The Chezz.

Anyway, after I got fed up with Josh begging me to join the team, I pulled out a metal sledding saucer, hopped on it, and started sledding down Franklin St. Mind you there was no snow.

Let me explain something very important about the reality of my dream. Now, in our every day reality swimming is an activity that looks a lot like this:
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Not so in my dream. Instead, swimming looked much more like this:
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minus of course the snow. and the saucer was metal.

So i'm swimming (sledding) down Franklin St. And I whiz by the swimming coach (who was played by actor Ben Stein). And he yells after me in frustration, "Oh, The Chezz doesn't want to swim. The Chezz is too good to swim."

And that's my dream!

La Fête du Cinéma

I should mention that France has what I'm into pretty figured out. I arrived into France just in time to catch the Fête du Cinema.

It's a three day festival. On the first day you buy a ticket to a movie at any cinema and the cashier gives you a pass, and the pass gets you into any cinema in the country for free for the next two days. And then the day after those two days you can still see movies for just 2 euros. What.A.Country.

The first day I saw Paris, Je Taime (a film comprised of 20 shorts made by internationally acclaimed directors-- 1 short for each district that makes up Paris), and Fellini's Amacord. Amacord was in Italian with French subtitles, so I couldn't understand what was being said. But the film is so fine to watch that you really don't need dialog. It's a really magnificent film. Maybe one of my all time favorites.

This is it's poster:
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Then my parents came into town, and I had to stop watching movies. But my parents are cool, too. I had the best time with them. I got really drunk.

I've underestimated white wine my entire life. I have discovered something special in it here in Paris.

this paris

Well, Paris is great. Let me begin with that.

Let me show you where i live. It's a very nice neighborhood. Bourgeois, even. My flat is impeccably small, however. I live in a student apartment building, so it goes with the cheap rent. But I really like it. How could I be bummed when this is my view?
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I started my summer term on monday. I'm really getting an incredible, private education this summer. In my program it is just me and this girl. Since I signed up for the cinema program, and she signed up for French culture/sociology, the program has synthesized the two. Also, I think it's important for me to mention my professors. I'm being taught by some of the brightest minds in France. For example, today Courtney (the girl) and I met with our instructor Etiam, who is instructing us on the sociology of France. Etiam at the very young age of 26 was recently at the G8 conference doing research on the relationship between Lobbyists and reporters. And this fall he'll be relocating to Chicago where he's been hired into professorship by the University of Chicago. Not half bad. When I'm 26 I'll probably be... hopefully alive.

Class today was just Etian, Courtney, and me walking through Paris. Etiam talking, us listening. Then we ate Turkish food and talked and laughed.

Also, most importantly, I've been having very encounters with a very beautiful french girl on the elevator nearly every day. I believe she likes me. We'll see though.

23 June, 2007

it's not so bad

so i left you on a little bit of a cliff hanger with that last entry.

allow me to update you:
1. traveling has not been a piece of cake. in fact, it's been trying. originally i was to leave monday morning from seatac to chicago, then from chicago to london. however, due to inclement weather in the chicago area-- and how texas had something to do with it-- my flight was canceled and i had to rebook my flight to leave the following morning. which i did. on tuesday i went from seatac to new york's jfk, and from there to london. i sat next to two lovely puerto rican women who were in seattle visiting a sister. i only mention that they were puerto rican because i don't think i had ever met puerto ricans before and it was somewhat of a thrill.

anyway, eventually i got to london and my luggage did not. this would have been no big deal had london been my final destination. unfortunately i was paris bound. i gave them my phone number (to my mobile phone that is no longer mobile here in europe), and left the airport. why didn't i give them my address in paris? because i hadn't written it down before traveling. whoops. i'm about to go to bed on saturday night, and i still do not have my bags. supposedly i will soon.

like i was getting at earlier -- i left london without my bags. i took the subway into paddington station, hopped on another subway headed for waterloo station, and boarded a train to Poole where I eventually boarded a Ferry that would travel through the night and arrive in Cherboug, France the following morning. I had a private cabin somehow, and I slept. I also took my first shower of the trip since I left Yakima on Saturday night. I had the stinks pretty bad.

Cherboug was made famous in the 1964 film Umbrellas of Cherboug by new wave filmmaker Jacques Demy. I arrived at 6:30 in the morning and walked the 25 minute journey from the ferry terminal into town. It was a nice town, and the people were friendly. Incidentally, it was at this point in the trip that I peaced with vegetarianism and ate a sausage in a baguette for breakfast.

I took the train from Cherboug to Rouen and met up with my old friend Wes Maples. He bought me a cafe (that's coffee to us Americans!) and showed me around the city. Rouen is famous for two reasons (probably more). 1. The cathedral that Monet painted incessantly is located in the heart of the city, and 2. Joan of Arc, who was made famous in 1928 by Carl Th. Dreyer in his film la Passion de Jeanne d'Arc. (no one knew who she was before that film, i am told.) (the previous parenthesis was a joke.) Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in Rouen. What a way to go, you know? Fight off the British, talk with God, and then be burned because you're a woman. C'est la vie.

I hung out with Wes, we had a great time. I'll give more details later. This blog is getting out of hand long. It's more like a Blong than a blog.

I got to Paris. Paris is great. Girls are pretty. I'm in bed right now and I'm pretty sleepy. So, I'm wrapping this up.

Ps, entries will never be this long again.
pps, i don't have a wire to connect my camera to my computer. please mail me one.
ppps, david-- the joke that bombed was this-- i was in Rouen with Wes and this very generous and kind family, and we were talking about my French phrase book I have that helps me communicate with people -- and everyone was talking about how these types of books are filled with phrases that are useless because no one ever talks in such convenient phrases. So, I thumbed through my book, looking for a dumb question, and then asked everyone, "will it be sunny tomorrow?" and everyone took it as very sincere and earnestly and looked up the weather for me and told me i should probably expect rain.

priceless, you know?

18 June, 2007

dear american airlines, chicago, et al:

not too impressed.

Jimmy Marble

17 June, 2007

seattle, washington!

Currently I'm in Seattle, Washington. It's a major metropolitan city in the United States' Pacific Northwest. It is known for its major corporations like Starbucks, Microsoft, Nirvana, and Boeing. There are roughly five million people living in the city alone! For food they eat popped-corn, salmon, and apples. Can you believe that!?

The city looks like this:
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and they used to even have a kingdome!!!
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imagine that!!

The people are very friendly. They speak English so it's easy to get around. Today I saw a man wearing a funny hat!!!!!!1

'Til next time!!!

08 June, 2007


i painted the barn today. i really did it. i painted in the dark even.

by the time i was done my nose was running in a constant stream. literally. it was like a fountain of liquid boogers.

several hours later i still feel like dying.

i feel like this Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket mixed with this Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket.

pray for me.


i have a blog now. i'm going to paris next week. maybe my friends can keep tabs on me this way. here's a picture of alf to keep you busy until the ball starts to really get rolling.

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